Jily’s started as a love of crafting and creating. For over two decades, I have enjoyed making treats and cookies for many parties, events and get togethers with friends and family. Over the years, what started out as a fall party when my oldest was in Kindergarten, has progressed into a fall party each year over thirteen years, five houses and three states. It has been a wonderful way to get to know my children’s community of friends and their parents. I have since added a gingerbread party yearly for my now teenage kids and their friends with much success.  

Throughout the years, it has been brought up several times about me opening a shoppe and selling my treats. I knew there needed to be a larger vision and purpose for me to start a shoppe. Growing up, my uncle, Bob, had Cerebral Palsy and when my son, Zade, was in third grade, he was with diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome. Recognizing a need for opportunities, both with my uncle where the technology was just not available and my son who was growing up learning to navigate his world; Jily’s seemed like the perfect opportunity to bring to Davidson.  

While, currently, there is not a brick and mortar store, I am actively preparing to open one.I am teaming up with local people in my community to ultimately open up a shoppe that will give people with Intellectual Disabilities as well as those who are on the Autism spectrum, an opportunity to have value in their work and to become the faces of our community. If you have the right tools and techniques, amazing things can happen. 

It is my vision to open a shoppe where sweet treats are just the beginning. My hope is for Jily’s to be a pillar in the community where this small town shoppe has a big heart and well known in the community. A shoppe where everyone knows Jily’s and looks forward to stopping in, even if it’s just to say “hi”. A place where kindness grows and is carried out into our community. I am excited you are joining me on this journey and I can’t wait to see what exciting times are to come. 

In Kindness,


Founder of JIly’s